It’s every cat owner’s dream: a litter box that scoops itself. But, how effective are these devices? Do they live up to the claims that they can save you time and hassle? Are they worth the high cost?

An automatic litter box is a win-win situation for both the cat parent and their feline; you get a break from scooping, and your kitty can enjoy a waste-free toilet, every time. If you are considering purchasing one for your furry friend, keep reading to learn more about the benefits of arguably the best cat litter box around—the self-cleaning litter box.


Getting a self-cleaning cat litter box is the best decision we ever made related to our cats. This is just some examples why we think the self-cleaning litter boxes are amazing.

  • It's a one time expense: You never know if everything will be perfect, but in normal conditions an automatic cat litter will be working for many years. In our personal case, two years after we got our automatic litter box is still working perfectly, as the first day, so it was “1 time spent”. Our experience with standard litter boxes was very different. We needed to change our standard litter box every few months, because it broke or because it started to smell very bad.
  • No more daily scooping: If everything works fine, you just need to change the bag every few days and you will never have to worry about manually scooping your litter box ever again! 
  • Less contact with cat waste: besides being nasty to deal with, cat waste can also be dangerous. As cat waste accumulates in the litter box, ammonia fumes are produced, which are toxic and can cause respiratory problems. Some bacterial and parasite infections/transfers are also very much possible, so the less direct contact with cat waste you have, the better.
  • Constantly cleans: Less litter box buildup makes your cat happy, which makes you happy. Cats tend to act out when they are stuck with a soiled litter box. Thanks to the automatic mode the litter box will be clean each and every time your cat uses it. That means your cat has one less reason to demonstrate disobedient behavior. Less stress for your cat will make life better for your cat and for you.
  • Save money on litter: automatic litter boxes will use much less litter than manually scooping, and the same litter can be used much longer. When i got my self-cleaning litter box i thought i was investing on time for myself, but in the long term i realized that i was saving money buying an expensive self cleaning cat litter box, instead of a manual one.
  • Splash and Odor will be dramatically reduced: A semi-enclosed or enclosed litter box will reduce the splash and the odors throughout your home, especially the ones with a prompt cleaning cycle, because the waste clumps are deposited in a sealed drawer below the globe preventing odors from escaping. 
  • Specially worth for a multi-cat household: the more cats you have, the more scooping to do and more exposure to cat waste. It's beautiful to have two-three cats playing around and loving each other, but scooping the litter cat box in a multi-cat house it's a big sacrifice on a daily basis, so the self-cleaning litter box is just heaven for multi-cat owners.
  • Allow yourself to be out of home for few days: pets owners usually don't like to be out of the house for more than few days to not leave their pet alone, thinking about the pet and also about the mess they can create, but with the automatic litter box you can leave your pet alone for a couple of days and you don't need to worry to be welcome with a mess or bad smell in the bathroom. An automatic litter box and an automatic feeder is the perfect combination to allow yourself to have this perfect weekend far away from home that you deserve!


So with all these points explained i would recommend for every family to have a cat “invest” in an automatic litter box. Of course it is a big expense, but in the long term I realized that a one time big expense was saving money/time in the future. 

A big expense now is a big save in the long term: 

  • Save by not buying more poor quality litter boxes.
  • Save in litter.
  • Save in air fresheners. 
  • And most importantly… SAVE YOUR TIME!


If you are interested in buying a Cat Litter Box you can check our Catalogue... we have over 20 different options and we keep adding more.