If you readed our post “Benefits from having a Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box” you will already know that getting an automatic cat litter box is the best decision we ever made.

Of course it is a big expense, but in the long term we realized that we were saving money buying an expensive self cleaning cat litter, instead of a standard manual one. 

First of all, two years after purchasing the automatic cat litter box is still working perfectly, as the first day, so it was 1 time spent. Our experience with standard litter boxes was very different. We needed to change the litter box every few months, because it broke or because it smelled very bad.

Second, during these two years we realized something that we didn't even know: the automatic litter boxes use much less litter than manually scooping, and the same litter can be used much longer, so we were also saving money on litter.

Third, and the most important point, we were investing in our family. With a self-cleaning litter box we don't need to worry about scooping daily or cleaning every few hours the litter around the box, and this is priceless! And of course the smell, our bathroom (where we have the litter box) it's much more fresh and we don't even realize that we have the litter box there, except when they just use it and the box still didn’t clean up.


Let's see which automatic cat litter box suits you the most. This is some points you need to think about:

  1. Budget
  2. Automatic or Non-automatic
  3. Single cat or Multi-cat house
  4. Size
  5. Capacity
  6. Type of cat litter
  7. Design
  8. APP


1. Budget:

This is probably the main point when deciding which cat litter box to buy. If your budget is under 200-300€ you should go for a semi-closed or closed NON automatic cat litter box. You won't get rid of scoping but you will eliminate most of the odor and litter splash. If your budget is between 300€-500€ you can get a simple automatic one, with no remote control (phone app), but it will do the job for you. If your budget is +500€ you can easily get an amazing automatic cat litter box, with a lovely design and connected to your smartphone.  


2. Automatic or Non-automatic

This point will also depend on your budget as we explained before. Of course everyone prefers the automatic one, but if your budget is under 300€ it will be better to think about a non automatic one closed or semi-closed model with a great design and smart deodorant, to help with the odor and splash.

We recommend your our Deodorant Fully-Enclosed Cat Litter Box

If you choose the advanced automatic model, you can choose the one that has app remote control or you can go with a simple without an app. If you have more than one cat or if you will spend a lot of time out of home it will be highly recommended to get a self-cleaning cat litter box with an app included.


3. Single cat or Multi-cat house

For a multi-cat household it would be 100% recommended to get a self-cleaning one, even if it is a little bit out of the budget. You will reduce half of the quantity of litter that you would spend in a manual cat litter box.

It is also recommended to get one with an app included, because you can control easily when they use the litter box and prevent sickness. You should look for a multi-cat detection litter box.

For multi-cat owners it's very important to get one with large capacity (storage and big collection) and also with many sensors and anti-trap security.  

We recommend your our Catlink Smart Litter Box (Automatic + App)


4. Size

This seems intuitive, but it is very important: If you have a large size cat you need to go with a large cat litter box (with large use space. If the litter box is not big enough you take the risk that your cat doesn't feel comfortable and it will be hard for your cat to use it.

We recommend your our Petree Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box (Automatic + App). 


5. Capacity

When we talk about capacity we refer on the one side to the amount of litter that the litter box can support, and on the other to the capacity of the garbage bag that collects the feces.

As we said before, it would be recommended if you have more than one cat to get a litter box with large capacity (in both, storage and big), because you will save yourself a lot of time changing the bag.



6. Type of cat litter

If you prefer a special type of litter you need to check carefully what type of litter is allowed in each cat litter box. Most of them are working fine with all the litter options in the market, but for example not all of them allow tofu litter (used mostly in China)


7. Design: Form & Color

Design is not the first thing you think of when you start to look for a cat litter box, but at the end when you see the offer and many of them have more of less the same specification, the design is the key point. When you find the perfect form, the perfect size or the colour that matches with your decoration, it doesn't matter if it costs a little bit more ;).

if we talk about design, the winner is our Meet Pet Colorful Intelligent Cat Toilet (Automatic + App)… and you have it in 4 colours!


8. APP

If you already decide to get an automatic cat litter box with remote control, the next thing you need to do is to check the app they are working with. This is very important because not all the apps are multilanguage. Most of the automatic cat litter boxes come from China, so if you are not a chinese speaker, you really need to check what languages are availables in each, especially if you don't speak english either.

Our cat litter boxes use mainly those apps: TuyaSmart App, SmartLife, Meet Pet App, Catlink App and Petkit App.

You can find in the description of each product the exact App the litter box is using and the link to download.


If you are interested in buying a Cat Litter Box you can check our Catalogue... we have over 20 different options and we keep adding more.